This is where you will find our frequently asked questions:

Q How soon do you need me to make a commitment and pay a Subscription? [ Subscription?]

A Visitors are welcome to attend up to three meetings without charge before deciding whether to join.
Q Do I need to submit examples of my work before joining?

A We would normally ask to see examples of your work so that we can decide which group you should compete in. We do not want people to feel out of their depth in one group or another.

Q Do you accept work produced on a computer in whole or part?

A Most members of our club are now working with computers and digital cameras. However, wholly computer generated images are not permitted.

Q If I am unable to attend on a competition night, can I hand in my work the week before?

A This is no problem, in fact you will be asked to hand in work a few days before the competition.

Q If I need help on any aspect of my photography, can the club help me?

A Within the club membership you will find many people who have considerable experience in practically every field of photography and you will find that they are only too willing to help or give advice.

Q If I am unable to produce my own prints by the traditional method or on a computer,do you accept Trade Processed or prints made for me by another person?

A Yes is the short answer to this.We have prints made by other people and which often successful in both our internal and external competitions.