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Travels alone in Oman in a 4×4

David Harford LRPS gave us a very stimulating and entertaining talk about his photographic trip in Oman. Initially he was planning to go there on holiday with his wife but unfortunately she couldn’t accompany him for health...

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Macro & Focus Stacking by David Harris

Wow! What an amazing evening with Dr David Harris who opened our eyes to the world of macro/close-up photography. He showed us his outstanding images of close-up of flowers and insects.For out of focus background he uses 10...

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Judging Images

Tips on Judging, critiquing and self-assessing photographs In a photographic competition what does a judge look for in an image? Graeme Wales LRPS led the evening. He is a great photographer and member of the Cheam Camera Club....

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Snap Happiness

An evening with Gavin Hoey Gavin has been a photographer for 25 years and is well known for his enthusiastic YouTube videos on photography. For the last three years he has been demonstrating various photographic techniques and...

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Stills and movies

Last night we explored what goes in to shooting movies. There is a growing trend in the States to mix still images with movies. We watched a short movie clip that we all found very moving, which was filmed by just a Canon 7D...

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Mount cutting demonstration

Mount cutting requires the right tools and experience. Chris Longridge, the founder of Longridge Mount Cutters, gave a live demonstration of how to cut photo mounts with precision and success. As a mount greatly enhances the...

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