MEMBERS’ EVENING – 11th September 2019

The focus of the evening will be a ‘show and tell’: we would like you to experiment over the holidays with either a new in-camera technique, a new genre of photography, or learning how to do something new in post-processing. Think of it as an opportunity to try something new without the fear of getting marked down by a judge!

It could be a holiday image if you’ve been lucky enough to get away, but any picture taken over the summer break would be fine, just have fun trying something new or creative.

Please email Jane McGuire your jpeg image constrained to the usual proportions before the preceding weekend, so I can put them all in a file ready to show with the projector. If you’re happy to talk to the group about your image, that would be great, but if you prefer to stay quiet, you could write a short paragraph about what you did with the picture etc.

Members’ Evenings

At our Members’ Evenings the club members share their experiences and try out new things, including:

  • talk about their favourite gadget
  • tell one another why they love a particular piece of software
  • bring along their best prints
  • have training sessions
  • have the opportunity to ask questions about photographic and printing techniques
  • share their favourite books
  • view the work of other clubs