Viveca Koh FRPS specialises in Fine Art Photography and Digital Image Manipulation/Photo Illustration.

She started photographing with a mobile phone when she first bought an iPhone 4s, which she has upgraded since then. She realised its potential and soon got hooked on it leaving her Nikon SLR kit sitting on shelf on some of her photographic assignments.

She was awarded an FRPS in 2014 and work was photographed on a Nikon D700, not on an iPhone!

In the first half of the evening Viveca showed us images where she has used various phone apps to create visual effects. She says she is mad keen on phone apps and gave us a long list of installed apps on her phone.

here is the Information on Apps  she uses.

In the second half of the evening she showed us her FRPS panel, how she got started on it and concepts behind each image.


Viveca’s mother is a painter which might have been influential in her studying Fine Arts at university. Most of her photographs use blending of two or more images to achieve desired results.

She says she is not a people photographer though she has enjoyed photographing people with dogs as she is a great admirer of magnum photographer Elliot Erwitt. His outstanding work can be seen here 

On one occasion she went to Venice with just her ‘Phone and shot images with a painterly feel. She calls travelling on a photo trip with just her iPhone “a liberating experience”.

She is mad keen on using various iPhone apps, which enable her to create the effects she is after.

You can see her inspiring work here: