On Saturday 28 October, six members of the camera club met in the dark at a car-park at the bottom of Leith Hill. It was a ‘fresh’ morning, I had never been up this early for the purposes of photography, and we could hear owls hooting. Kitted out with layers, torches and stout walking boots, we climbed (stumbled) up the hillside, squelching through muddy sludge and tripping over roots in the dark until we reached the top.

Photo: Debbie Arnell

We chose our location and set up our tripods and cameras and started to experiment with settings. Those of us that were struggling (i.e. me) were helped by the more experienced members. The conditions were perfect for an atmospheric sunrise- it was dry without too much cloud, but with plenty of mist moving around the gently undulating countryside. The light was constantly changing, therefore so were our settings. We tried different lenses, locations, and some members used filters as the sky grew brighter.

We decided to pack our stuff away just after 9 o’clock, pausing for a group photo before heading back down the hill.

We all agreed that it had been well-worth the early start, and had enjoyed the experience greatly. Some of the images taken on this trip are included here to give an idea of the variety captured.

Jane McGuire

Photo: Caroel baker

Photo: Carole Baker