You can make a simple AV using Adobe Lightroom. However, Fotomagico software is excellent for the following reasons –

1. It allows you to animate slides
2. You can see the audio waveform and can cut to the beat of music
3. Very easy to use

Website for purchase:

COST: $99.

Please do a web search for free tutorials; here is one on getting started:

[vimeo id=”149732269″]


There isn’t much around as ‘totally free music’. Music purchased from iTunes does not qualify you for a license to use it in your AV. You’ve only paid to download and listen to it personally.

Generally you’ll have to pay to obtain a licence to use the music in your AV. My advice would be never to use commercial music as you won’t be able to get a licence for showing your presentation publicly or for entering your AV for competitions.

The following music is specially written for AVs, YouTube or Vimeo uploading, drama, advertising, a film and television. Please read their T & C carefully before purchasing the music.

The licence fee varies according to use.

PRICE – $10 onwards (Subscribe and buy items in sale) (some free tracks) (best) €55/track

We look forward to receiving lots of entries from the club members in 2017 at our Audio Visual evening.