Our first New Members Evening, for several years, was held on 21st September. With 12 potential new members in attendance, we can class it as a success. Well done Marian Guess and the programme committee for all the planning. 24 current club members attended the evening, discussing our club prints, projected digital images, social activities, camera equipment, external competitions, LR examples and general club life.

Michael Nightingale (New Members and Publicity Officer) was able to speak directly to each potential member during the evening and contact details noted for feedback on the event. Feedback will be sought from potential members who have so far, decided not to join, and new members that have already become full members. To date, four members Jane McGuire, Debbie Whitton, Colin and Michael Williams have all been welcomed within the group.

If you attended the evening, the programme committee would be most grateful for your feedback from the evening – good or bad – so we can improve and fine tune the evening next time.

Programme Committee & Michael Nightingale New Members and Publicity Officer