Photographer of the year 2015 in prints

Colour prints: Penny Anderson

Mono prints: Margot Baker

Congratulations, Penny and Margot and to those who were selected by the judge as second and third and for commendation.

Photographer of the year 2015 in projected digital image

The competition had 54 PDI entries, images that had scored 9 or above in previous competitions. Our congratulations to Marian Guess who was chosen as the winner for her image entitled Paris Metro.

102 Paris Metro

Here is what Marian says – “Visiting Paris with friends we had a fairly long Metro journey and I was playing around taking pictures of reflections in the carriage windows and blurry pictures of the platforms and people on them. The carriage was full with people standing and I noticed the girl sitting opposite me in her green coat totally absorbed by her headphones. If she noticed me at all she probably thought I was taking more pictures out of the window. However the lens was relatively wide angled and she fitted into one side of the frame as I took the otherwise blurry picture of the platform. I only took one shot.”

TECHNICAL SPECS: Taken on a Sony RX100 in RAW, 0.25 seconds at f5, ISO 400.
Post processing in Lightroom with a slight crop to the left side and minor adjustments to clarity, shadows and sharpening.