RHS: Wisley Butterflies

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A handful of CCC members headed off to Wisley on a very cold, grey day – all hoping to find colour and warmth within the Glasshouse of Wisley.

Butterflies at RHS Wisley

Our top tip of last season was to pack a hot water bottle in the camera bag to stop the camera misting – this worked a treat. The downside of the glasshouse is that it gets very hot, very quickly – and becomes incredibly crowded. The butterflies were very difficult to find this year – with a general chat about how many there actually were, we decided that perhaps there weren’t so many. Top tip for this visit – you can take a tripod – but need to be prepared to put it away if asked. An enjoyable morning for all.

If you enjoy butterflies, I would also highly recommend NHM Sensational Butterflies

Carole Baker