Developing Your Creative Vision by Adriaan van Heerden

Adriaan is a multi-award winning photographer and a former member of the Cheam Camera Club. He talked majored on the aesthetics of photography and, for a change, there was no mention of cameras, lenses or techniques. At the end of his talk he gave us some steps on taking our photography to a new level.


1. Mix it up

  • Go out and work with just one lens
  • Subject: Try something new
  • Techniques: Try intentional camera movement, log exposure
  • Subvert perfect exposure (higher or lower)
  • Break the rules
  • Try flash in a new way

2. Explore the same subject from different angles

3. Embark on a personal project e.g. do a photo book

4. Focus on shapes/graphical elements

5. Go on a course and read books

6. Enter external competitions

7. Mix genres

Please click here to visit his inspiring website