David Harford LRPS gave us a very stimulating and entertaining talk about his photographic trip in Oman. Initially he was planning to go there on holiday with his wife but unfortunately she couldn’t accompany him for health reasons. So, he decided to go alone. He flew to Dubai and there he hired a Toyota 4×4 and got some camping gear. He then drove off on his own to Oman. It’s a sparsely populated country, so on his travels he camped at night often in very remote and lonely place. Oman is a peaceful country where violence and robbery are not an issue.

Photography in Oman

The Omanis are very hospitable. Wherever David went they warmly welcomed him. He says that most of his photos were taken with his subject’s knowledge.

He showed us stunning portraits of local people in a polished audio-visual with evocative music, which was inter-dispersed with insightful short video clips.

We were really impressed by David’s adventurous spirit since his road trip, sometimes on a very hazardous and steep terrain, was very risky. Far from a travelogue David gave us an insight in to how he photographed strangers in a Muslim country and returned home with stunning portraits.