This was bonfire night but we soon forgot about the fireworks outside, as we were introduced to a wonderful new world of audiovisual presentations. Our guest speakers were Carole Speight and Graham Sergent from Chichester.

They delighted us with about 10 different AVs; we started with the very humorous “Joyce the librarian” and finished with a takeoff of Top Gear. On the journey we saw beautiful images accompanied by a seemly mix of words and music.

Our emotions were certainly in top gear; we laughed and we almost cried at times, with the varied programme that we saw and heard. Items ranged from the harsh reality of World War I to the beautiful tranquility of Yellowstone Park.

I was truly inspired by the item on Elizabeth the ballet dancer, who contracted paralytic polio in her 30s. How she dealt with her disability was truly amazing – what a wonderful lady to encounter, and congratulations Graham for your moving tribute.

Many of us went home feeling inspired to start doing audiovisuals.

Our sincere thanks go to Carole and Graham for a great evening.

Michael Nightingale – New Members & Publicity officer