An evening with Gavin Hoey

Gavin has been a photographer for 25 years and is well known for his enthusiastic YouTube videos on photography. For the last three years he has been demonstrating various photographic techniques and gear on the Adorama channel. He is well known for his YouTube videos: 15 Minute Photo Challenge, which attract thousands of viewers.

Gavin Hoey at Cheam Camera Club
In the first half of the evening he started off by telling us three things he enjoys doing:

1. Taking pictures
2. Editing them
3. Teaching

Gavin likes taking images that are out of the ordinary, with a slight twist to them. He likes to challenge himself and takes himself out of his comfort zone. But above all he likes to take pictures for fun.

As a trainer he runs one-to-one training and group workshops.

In the first half of the evening he showed us how he takes panos, stitches them together using Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. He also showed us how he did his selfies in Rome with multiple pictures of himself in the same scene. He achieved this by controlling his camera with an App on his smart-phone. Please click here to see my attempt to make a pano.

Gavin taking questions at the club

Gavin takes the questions at the club

The second half of the evening was a demo on flash photography. Gavin created several different types of portraits using a single cheap speedlite Godox V850, powered by a battery-pack, through a Glow octabox. I was really surprised how this octa was so quick to set up. Gavin adjusted the power output of the speedlite remotely with a radio trigger on his camera.

Gavin chose Michael Butcher, our chairman, to be his model and dressed him up as a shepherd with a scarf and a hat.


Gavin’s wife Sam sprayed the artificial snow while he shot the images. Later on in the Photoshop he manipulated the image and added more snow and glow in the lamp.

Looking for lost sheep

Gavin is a great trainer and entertainer with his great sense of humour. Thank you Gavin for a fantastic fun-filled evening and I am sure we all learnt a lot.

Other images from the evening using a single flash through an octabox

Single speedlite through an octal box

Single speedlite through an octal box

Single speedlite through an octal box

Single speedlite through an octal box