‘From Ackne to ARPS and After’ with Fred Barrington ARPS AFIAP

Two things that stands out in my mind about Fred’s very entertaining talk is COLOUR. He ventures out on ‘personal projects’ to photograph the world around him of a specific colour. 

His capturing colour around us, especially in architecture seems very original to me. 

He is not very keen on discussing the camera gear and pretended to be very ignorant about the gear. He mentioned that he went to John Lewis, and the bought a Nikon D500 simply because the salesperson told him that ‘it was very good’. However, he disclosed later on when asked that he carries on crop sensor camera body D500 and a full frame D750. he says he never uses a tripod as it gets in his way. 

He didn’t go through the LRPS route instead worked for his ARPS. Fred showed us over a 100 prints and talked about his panel he had submitted to be awarded ARPS. 

I can’t remember when we were entertained so much while being challenged unconsciously to look for shapes and colour when we pick our camera.