Mount cutting requires the right tools and experience. Chris Longridge, the founder of Longridge Mount Cutters, gave a live demonstration of how to cut photo mounts with precision and success.

Mount Cutting demonstration
As a mount greatly enhances the presentation of an image, Chris challenged us to think about how we present our prints.
Mount cutting demonstration
He demonstrated two models:
Signature Model: This is a high-end cutter and is especially geared towards those who do a lot of mount cutting
Autograph Model: This is a general-purpose cutter, which takes a little longer to cut the mount but is adequate for an average photographer

Chris explained to us what goes in to designing a precision blade, which was quite enlightening. He also warned us to be aware of the acid contents in the backing board. In the long run the acid contents from the backing board could seep through to your print or painting and damage it. He therefore encouraged us to use the acid free boards.

Overall it was a very educational meeting.