Sports Photography

by Ady Kerry QEP

Ady joined the military at 18 in 1986 to be an RAF photographer where he mastered his foundation of photography. He left in 1995 and worked with local newspapers. Today, he works as a freelance photographer and specialises in sports photography.

Ady predominantly shoots for print media, he therefore stressed the need for editorial space in images.

Ady gave the following advice to anyone starting in sports photography:

  • Know your subject
  • Limitations of the arena you are working in
  • What equipment do you need
  • Weather conditions
  • Any permission required
  • Insurance – for the photographic kit and Public Liability

What makes a good sports photograph?

  • Timing
  • Action
  • Dejection and celebrating
  • The scene setter
  • Lighting
  • Weather conditions
  • Viewpoint
  • Lens selection
  • Background
  • Exposure
  • Focus
  • Shape
  • Style
  • Pattern

Here are a few things that struck me most in his talk:

  • News and sport events need to be truthful and not manipulated
  • Sports images have a very short life
  • The more your isolate your subject the better your images are
  • A focal point adds emphasis
  • Freelance photography can be a lonely business

Ady says “I take pictures for myself and my clients. If someone else likes it then that’s great.”

For us all at the club Ady’s talk gave us a great insight in to the world of sports photography.

He took a very relaxed and interactive approach to his illustrated talk and didn’t mind being interrupted by his audience asking questions. A big thank you Ady for your excellent presentation.

Please visit his website to see a stunning collection of his work.