Last night we explored what goes in to shooting movies. There is a growing trend in the States to mix still images with movies.

We watched a short movie clip that we all found very moving, which was filmed by just a Canon 7D DSLR camera fitted with a 50mm lens and a camera slider.

My Father from Christine Schmitthenner on Vimeo.

We also looked at constructing stories using visual sequences. We talked about how RTE reporter Philip Bromwell has been preparing his news report for broadcast using his iPhone. Here is an example:

Shooting stills and movie clips with iPhone is gaining popularity in leaps and bounds. Here is something I came across this morning.

iPhone 6 Slow Motion Wine Pour 240fps from Osborne Images on Vimeo.

Finally, we looked at the changing face of stills photography with the launch of 4k movie cameras like Canon 1Dc. One can extract fairly high-resolution images from a movie clip of the quality that are capable of making superb quality prints. This is really worth watching.

Micro Expressions: exploring motion image photography from Untitled Film Works on Vimeo.

Because we were few in numbers last night, it gave us the opportunity to have an enjoyable and interactive seminar.