The Experience of Creating Images


Vanda Ralevska

A great illustrated talk by Vanda, in which she showed us a wide range of nature, landscape and street images. She has a distinctive style of photography and an amazing gift of making an ordinary scene look extraordinary. She achieves this by photographing the scenes with long exposure and from an unusual perspective.

Vanda was born in the Czech Republic and came over to this country about 20 years ago. She works in the field of IT and calls herself an ‘amateur’ photographer because she doesn’t make a living through photography. Here are some inspiring quotes from her:

Stay true to who you are


Do what you love

Be free to be who you are


Enjoy here and now


Embrace the challenge and turn difficulties in to opportunities.


When life gives you rain

You can hide and wait for it to stop

Or you dance with the raindrops.


Life is a journey

Enjoy the ride.


The above images are copyright of Vanda Relevska and have been reproduced here with her permission.